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Atelier 404

Nature Imprint and Marées Céramiques have joined forces to create a space dedicated to free creation and learning. ​


Our studio is a veritable sanctuary for craft lovers, the curious and creative minds eager to explore the depths of their imagination while connecting to the clay. ​​


One of the most exciting aspects of our workshop is our subscription offer! By becoming a member, you join our warm community of passionate potters. The subscription gives you unlimited access* to our workshop, allowing you to come and work on your projects according to your schedule. ​


*Unlimited access outside class hours. Specialized tools in high demand are available by reservation.


Become part of the community

Our bright and dynamic space is located in a completely renovated artist-run building. Easily accessible by highway 40 and 10 minutes walk from the Saint-Michel metro station


  • Minimum of 4 hours of wheel or open studio time per week. Reservation required.


  • Members will get their very own shelving unit with 10 shelves to store their work and personal tools. 


  • Members can buy the clay on site. The firings are included in the clay's cost. 


  • Month-to-month commitment. 

  • Discounts for pottery classes (approx. 40% off).



Firings of all pieces by a professional ceramist.

Bisque firings at cone 06 and glaze firings at cone 6. 


Contact  me or to schedule a visit.

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