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Camille Martin

My creative inspiration is intimately connected to movement, the body and its connection to the mind, as well as to living organisms in the deep sea and natural environments. I am also interested in everyday objects, sculptural objects, and traditional knowledge. 

Camille Martin, pottery teacher in the studio

Eternal hypersensitive and passionate, queer, non-binary and feminist. I have always been interested in the mechanisms of psychology and human behavior. As a counselor by training, I have always struggled with the whirlwind of words that always left me dissatisfied with the contact established with the other.

A decisive turn led me to art therapy and then to visual arts where I developed a multidisciplinary practice by navigating between poetry, sculpture, and utilitarian objects.


I believe deeply that trusting the process and letting go of the need to achieve a specific result avoids many blockages and provides the necessary space that authentic creation needs to emerge.  I believe that creation is accessible to all, as long as it is free of any restrictive markers judging its legitimacy. 


In the last two years, I have dedicated my time to learning different techniques of creating ceramic objects including throwing, handbuilding, and slip casting. After taking on many challenges, I discovered a meditative state while throwing clay and decided to dedicate myself to it more seriously.


Eager to share my passion and knowledge, I have been teaching throwing since October 2021 and hope to pass on the desire to slow down and look at everyday objects differently.


I dream of a world filled with objects that carry the stories of the people who made them and the people who use them. I dream of a world with quality objects, meticulously designed, in smaller quantities that are preciously enjoyed. 

Credits :   Photos by Sandrine Cadieux - Logo by Tristan Biehn - Website assistance by Justin Mcgean 

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