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Handbuilding Session - 6 Weeks 

This 6-week session is for beginners as well as the more experienced in pottery. We will learn different techniques of handbuilding, which is the work of the clay that is done mainly with the hands and some tools.

Handbuildng allows for a slower pace than throwing and the creation of organic rather than symmetrical pieces. We will explore the pinched pot and coiling technique, as well as alterations (additions and removals). Finally, we will decorate the pieces with underglazes and glazes* in the 6th class. 

The price includes a 10kg bag of clay, the two firings, the glazes and the workshop equipment.

You don't know if you'll like it and would like to try before committing to a session? Come to the Handbuilding introduction workshop!

*Glazing means applying glaze on the pieces to change the colour and texture of it and make it impermeable. 


Taught by Camille Martin


Trimming your nails beforehand  is recommended.


The clay might stain clothing and shoes, it is recommended that you wear old clothes and bring an apron. 

Your finished pieces will be ready for pick up approximately 4 weeks after the last class of the session.

There are no refunds for missed classes unless the session is canceled by us. We need a minimum a 3 people to start the class. If we don't have enough registrations, we might reschedule the session. If a student misses a class it can't be taken again. 

If needed, you can contact me by email to make a payment arrangement.

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